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Be there for people in need at Christmas time

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CHRISTMAS holidays are usually a time to relax and forget about the pressures of the year.
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For many people, the festive season can also be a time of increased stress, overwhelming pressure, disappointment or loneliness.

Some people may be particularly susceptible to triggers for depression and anxiety during the holiday period.

There are also financial pressures that put the spotlight on relationships and family issues – with the current economic situation adding to this pressure.

As with any anniversary, memories of distressing or sad events can come back into focus.

Murrumbidgee Local Health District director for mental health and drug and alcohol, Robyn

Manzie, encouraged everyone to take care of themselves, their friends and family this holiday season.

“Many people build up to this time of year with great hopes only to feel disappointed if their hopes aren’t fulfilled. This time can also be very stressful with the pressure of buying gifts, preparing food and catering for family, friends or visitors,” she said.

“It’s important to note that stress linked to the festive season should not be confused with depression. If the stress continues however, it can lead to distress which in some instances, may lead to depression.

“It’s important to think realistically about the holidays. If you’re facing the holiday season without your family and you know you’ll find it difficult, plan ahead to make sure you’ll be spending time with people you like. Being alone when everyone else appears to be with their families may increase feelings of isolation.”

Over the holiday season, look for the signs and symptoms of depression. Listen to what your friends and family members are saying about how they feel and if necessary, talk about seeking help together.

Tips on how to help someone with depression:

People with depression often don’t see the point of doing anything and may feel that no one can really help them.

Helping someone who isn’t ready to recognise they need assistance may be very difficult.

DO – it’s helpful to:

– spend time talking about the person’s experiences with them

– indicate you’ve noticed a change in the person’s behaviour

– let the person know you’re there to listen without being judgmental

– suggest the person talks to a doctor or mental health professional

– help the person to make an appointment and/or go with the person to see a doctor or mental health professional

– ask the person how the appointment went

– talk openly about depression and help the person to find information

– encourage the person to exercise, eat well and become involved in social activities

– keep in touch and encourage close friends and family to do the same.

– Don’t be afraid to ask for or accept help

– Spend time with supportive and caring people

– Keep track of your Christmas spending

– Be realistic about what you can and cannot do

– Remember to keep active; exercise is great for your wellbeing.

– Get plenty of sleep

– When drinking alcohol, do so in moderation.

No one should feel like they have to keep silent about depression or anxiety.

Beyondblue’s info line – 1300 22 4636 – will operate 24/7 over the holiday period for anyone needing information on depression, anxiety and related drug and alcohol problems.

A list of symptoms of depression and anxiety, checklists and other information about effective treatments and how to help someone can be found at

Other organisations have free telephone counselling or support lines andinclude:

– Lifeline 131114

– Kids Helpline 1800 551800

– Mensline 1300 789978

– Mental Health Access Line 1800 800 944

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Fortunate to live in caring community

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2014 has been a challenging year for Inverell’s farmers who have been facing ongoing drought conditions as well as poor cattle prices.
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On behalf of the local farmers I work with I would like to pass on their gratitude for the efforts which have been made in the Inverell community this year to raise funds for drought relief for our regions farmers.

I have had the privilege of distributing over $13,000 in locally raised funds for drought relief during 2014.

Online auctions on our local radio stations 2NZ and GEMFM as well as some funds raised by Kindamindi preschool fundraising efforts have been distributed through my network of farmers.

In distributing these funds I get to witness firsthand the emotions and the appreciation felt by our farmers when they are presented with this help.

All recipients are extremely grateful and appreciative of the efforts made by our wonderful community to lend a hand.

It certainly means a lot to our districts farmers that our local community have acknowledged our local farmers are doing it tough and have done something practical on a local level to help out.

We are all so fortunate to live in such a caring community. Thankyou Inverell.

Kim Deans,

Rural Financial Counsellor Rural Financial Counselling Service NSW – Northern Region, Inverell

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The Beautiful Girls set their sights on surf, music

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The Beautiful Girls frontman Mat McHugh.
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SUMMER is here again and for Australia that means the beach, friends, good times and The Beautiful Girls.

In what has become a summertime tradition, The Beautiful Girls collective are hitting the road to chase the sun.

For frontman Mat McHugh, who juggles his love of both music and surfing in equal measures, summer 2015 is the perfect time to combine his passions, this time in the form of the Summer Sound System tour, which sees the collective hitting over a dozen surfing Mecca’s along the Australian coastline.

Delivering familiar staples from the past as well as tracks from the brand new Beautiful Girls studio album Dancehall Days, The Summer Sound System tour is the perfect summer soundtrack.

“Music is something that really propels me creatively, but there’s something about the ocean that I can’t ever do without,” McHugh said.

“I always get asked whether I was a musician that surfs or a surfer who plays music.

“I don’t think I have an answer – they are both part of who I am and for me, there’s no better way to spend summer than being able to combine the two.”

The sun drenched, reggae-tinged surfside music already has international reps branding The Beautiful Girls as a must see live act, while The Summer Sound System tour promises good vibes to local audiences.

The Beautiful Girls will be play on January 4 at Club Sapphire, Merimbula with doors open at 8pm, and it is an event for over 18s.

Tickets are $28.60 and can be bought from Oztix.

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Ivan ‘The Terrible’ turns 90 years young

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Ivan Traves is Mollymook’s most senior regular bowler. MOLLYMOOK Bowling Club’s most senior regular bowler, Ivan Traves, turned 90 years young on Tuesday.
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As he jokes, if he was born two days later he would have been called Noel.

Ivan is a bit of a legend and regularly turns up for the Wednesday afternoon social triples after playing nine holes of golf in the morning.

Anyone who plays bowls against “Ivan the Terrible”, as he is often called, knows they have played against a bowler that has skill and guile.

In fact Ivan started playing when he joined the Canowindra Bowling Club in its infancy about 50 years ago.

Born in Dubbo, Ivan became a farmer, with wheat and sheep being his source of income – a tough business.

He and his wife retired to Mollymook in 1987, so he is almost a “local” now.

Ivan, all your friends, some of whom are bowlers, wish you a happy, healthy life in your 10th decade.

Don’t hang up your golf clubs yet and promise not to jump the roadside fence anymore as a short cut to the green!

Wednesday Nominated Triples: Sixty-six bowlers participated in this event, which had to be conducted in a morning and afternoon session.

We can go back to the usual single afternoon session in the new year as our renovated grass green will be back in play and both can be used for this event.

Six visitors were welcomed by members and they were Kingsley Wilson (Blakehurst).

Bob Boyd, Harry Pierce, Garry Rigney, Kevin Harris and Mick Raftery all from Milton Ulladulla.

Results were; J. Wilton, B. Thurecht, B. Webb 25 d.J. Stoneman, E. King, N. Sargent 12; T. Hill, B. Brandley, G. Allen 21 d G. Wood, I. Traves, B. Smith 18; R. Potts, B. Church, G. Smith 28d. P. Mills, D. Blundell, S. Robertson 16; R. Morton, J. Azzo, R. Booth 33 d R. Oke. G. Foster , L. Hawkins 11; B. Brooks, H. Sheehy, K. Hobday 30 d T. Fraser, K. Crabtree, B. Ayshford 7; H. Pearce, G. Rigney, J. Field 22 d D. Adamson, K. Dwyer, D. Beavis 10; A. Habgood. D. White, B.Stanmore 37 d J, Hackney, K. Ross, J. Denny 4: T. Annetts, K. Wilson R. Barnes 20 d A. Montefiore, B. Broad, H. Harrison 14; B. Boyd, K. Harris. M. Raftery 22 d A. Wynter, K. Jones, R. Sinclair 19; R. Wynter, T. Hutchins, C. Lees 30 d G. Weeks, H. Wainwright, D. Munt 16. A pairs game was necessary due to the numbers. In that G. Travis and R. Bloor on 18 d M. Dundas and D. Hume on 15.

Unfortunately the Jackpot failed to be won considering the princely prize of $586.

Friday $200 Jackpot Pairs: Twenty bowlers took part including Margeret Benson, a welcomed visitor from Tweed Heads. Results were K. Wilson, T. Hill 26 d M. Benson, K. Machon 24; K. Edmunds, T. Hutchins 25 d R. Wynter, T. Fraser 18; L. Dent, T. Field 25 d D. Jones, P. Barnes 13; I. Traves, J. Bisset 18 d D. White , S. Robertson 15; K. Hobday, B. Thurecht 18 d B. Brooks, D.Blundell.

Lucky rink Keno $15 winners on nominated ends were Lee Dent and Tony Field on +12.

The $200 jackpot winners were Kerry Hobday and Brian Thurecht.

This will be our last Times report before Christmas so on behalf of our club we would like to extend season’s greetings to all members, families, friends and staff.

WEDNESDAYSocial Bowls had 24 bowlers enjoy a good day in good conditions. The results were: Game 1 B. Clarke, D. Shelley and B. Declauzel d C. Lapham, N. Priest and I. Spiers 27-16, game 2 R. Coward, J. Leafe and B. Marshall d J. Martin, G. Martin and J. Leggett 25-21,game 3 D. Whitehouse, P. Verron and C. Baker d P. Gray, J. Spinks and M. Ardron 29-16, game 4 R. Stockwell, J. Hodges and P. Featherstone d M. O’Donohue, P. Koch and G. Cullen 21-19.

Fridaynominated pairs results: Game 1 E. McKinnon and G. Eastment d M. Ardron and S. Heath 25-24, game 2 G. Weeks and S. Wilson d C. Lapham and R. Wade 24-11, game 3N. Priest and W. Wright d P. Munt and K. Tones 23-18, game 4 R. Boyd and M. Charters d R. Wahl and N. King 24-22, game 5 D. Nicholls and B. Marshall drew with R. Coward and D. Shelley 19-all.

Saturday, December 20 social bowls results:Two close games were played out. Game 1 J. Martin, P. Verran and B. Marshall d D. Whitehouse, P. Featherstone and R. Declauzel 22-20,game 2 C. Lapham and A. Knox d J. Leafe and G. Cullen 19-18.

Another fun day coming up with thelocals v the touristsonSaturday, January 3.

Put your name down and enjoy the banter, barbecue and beers that go with this special event.

Merry Christmas to you all from us at Lake Conjola Bowling Club.

THIS time of year tends to get fairly busy with us men ducking into and out of shops busily buying Chrissie presents and organising food and drink for the annual family get together.

Luckily there was a bit of time left over for a few games of bowls.

On Thursdayafternoon a great day was had with our Bowl in the Hole competition, with three bowlers out of 37 winning $20 by putting the bowl in the hole.

They were Tracey Hoult, Dennis Ogilvie and Lucas.

That left us with a pot of $60 for the final with 13 bowlers contesting, and after some great bowling Sir Ron Webster took out the main prize and was last seen sitting down after the fun afternoon with a bottle of red and a few of his friends.

The next Bowl in the Hole is on Thursday, January 8starting at4pm, and everybody is welcome even if you have never picked up a bowl in your life. It is a great afternoon of fun.

On Saturday, December 20 the two top teams from Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club visited Malua Bay for a pennant trial.

After an enjoyable day the grade one side went down by five shots and our no. 4’s got up to win by 13 shots.

It is worth mentioning that the team led admirably by Graeme Carriage had the biggest win, while Eric Bell was not so fortunate, coming up against a formidable opponent in former international Erik Johannes.

Barry Wright’s team had a very close game but unfortunately couldn’t hold the host club, and went down by six shots.

The distance between the two clubs being only one hour’s travel meant friendships from the past could be rekindled and the opportunity to play a bit of competitive bowls provided many exciting and enjoyable moments. Disappointing was the sight of the former Bateman’s Bay Bowling Club, sitting vacant, greens uncut and no doubt cobwebs within the structure, reminding all who pass what can happen when times get tough or for other reasons that we might remember.

A for sale sign now occupies the front green.

Malua Bay has remained strongly financial, having gained bowlers from the former Bateman’s Bay club and in doing so strengthened their sides – rewards and success will follow.

It was great to see bowlers such as Ray Emerson and Doug Ebsworth still competing and enjoying their bowls, and the friendship showed to us by the host club was most welcoming.

Back at the club, people have noticed Bill Bolitho sitting quietly (as he normally does) watching the bowls.

He is firing on all cylinders, so welcome back Bill, it is good to have you back.

Kevin Baxter is also back home after a short stint in the Milton Hilton, and Johnny Power is doing quite well with his new knee, which is sure to improve his bowls no end.

On behalf of the Milton Ulladulla Men’s Bowling Club we would like to wish all bowlers and their families a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Results for the week: Wednesday social – winners Joe Vasellino, Rob Cattley and Rob Lavo, runners-up Ashie, Phil Grabham and Ron Critoph.

Friday social – Overall winners Joe Kennedy and Harry Pearce 2 wins+22, runners-up Dick McLean and Graham Robbo 2 wins +15.First game winners – Richard Moore and Ray Murrell +12, second game winners Xavier Micaleff and Alan Walsh+9.

Saturday social – WinnersGary Kelly and Steve Heath, runners up Alan Clark, Alec Venn and Brian Bourke.

Turkey trots -Winners Allan Roberts, Don Aitkens and Lucas,runners-up Alec Venn, John Hope and xavier Micaleff.Lucky door R. Ferry,mystery prize Rob Lavo,bog trophy Andy Gardiner.

PRE Christmas celebrations limited the Roadrunners to only 29 bowlers last Sunday.

Four games of triples and one pairs game were played with the following results: Geoff Travis, Robin Oke and Rob Morton 24 d Crocodile Mick, Geoff Watson and Paul Barnes 6. President Booth, Tony Field and Bob Brooks 19 d Barry Pannowitz/Sue Dent, Eric King and Craig Lees 13. Doug and Liz Hume with Lee Dent 16 d Dot Pannowitz, Judy Thurecht and David Munt 15.Pat Connor, Doug Broad and Brian Thurecht 19 d John Hackney, Brian Lambert and Harry Sheehy 16.Jeff Deal and Trish Moy 34 d Don Wilkinson and Tony Fondacaro 15.

The Dirtbuster chickens for the winning rink were shared by the teams led by Doug and Liz Hume with Lee Dent while the Losing rink of Mick Dundas, Geoff Watson and Paul Barnes got half their green fees back.

Raffle winners included: B. Lambert, T. Moy, S. Dent, R. Booth, J. Hackney, G Watson and D. Pannowitz.

Next Sundaywe will be battling for the $300 jackpot followed by a barbecue lunch.

The cards being called for an 8.30am start.

Expert tuition will be available from 8am for any new bowlers. All welcome as usual.

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Black Tycoon to visit Inverell

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Inverell Jockey Club has announced a West Australian mining tycoon will make a special appearance at the Inverell Cup race meeting on New Year’s Day.
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One year to the day after winning the $525,000 Perth Cup at Ascot racecourse, Black Tycoon will be paraded before the running of the Inverell Cup.

Black Tycoon has been retired after a career that produced 11 wins including the Perth Cup, a second in the Adelaide Cup and over $800,000 in prize money.

When Inverell’s David and Karen Fenton were in West Australia sharing in the mining boom, they joined a syndicate of hobby punters to race Black Tycoon, hoping for a bit of fun around Kalgoorlie.

The Black Tycoon story is one of racing’s fairy tales. After he was beaten in a maiden race at Kalgoorlie on Anzac Day 2011 he then took his owners on the ride of their life.

He progressed from the bush races to being a consistent winner in Perth and then the glory of the Perth Cup over 2400 metres on New Year’s day 2014.

After the second placing in the 3200m Adelaide Cup, he was transferred to Victoria with the ultimate hope of making it to Flemington for the Melbourne Cup, another 3200m race.

The dream was only fulfilled in part. He raced at Flemington on Cup Day, but not in the Melbourne Cup. He ran in one of the support races, and after a disappointing performance he was retired.

Inverell Jockey Club president Don Bartlett has recently returned from a study tour of racing on the mid-north coast and said the club was grateful to the Fentons for allowing Black Tycoon to make the guest appearance.

“We hope the local crowd turns up to give them a big welcome, like they did when champion sprinter Takeover Target was our guest a few years ago,” Bartlett said.

“Since the sapphire boom finished and Nathan Tickler left, we don’t get too many tycoons in town, so we hope to have a big crowd on the day.

CHAMPIONS: Damien Oliver salutes the crowd after his win on Black Tycoon in the Perth Cup earlier this year.

“After the dry summer the course looked a bit like Kalgoorlie, but the recent rain and hard work by the ground staff has the track is in first class order.”

The Inverell carnival startedon Boxing Day with five races.

Racing supporters will be saddened to hear that we have lost another of the men who have been synonymous Inverell racing, with the passing of former trainer Pat Adams on Thursday, December 18.

“Pat trained many winners from his Cameron Street stables before retiring and was part of a group of men that made Inverell a racing strong hold in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s,” Bartlett said.

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Paws for thought: buying a pup at Christmas is not always a good idea

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PAWS FOR THOUGHT: Orange RSPCA animal attendant Matt Morrison with one-year-old Leila, a mastiff cross who would love to go home with someone for Christmas provided they have thought about the commitment she will require. Photo: MEGAN FOSTER A PUPPY or kitten for Christmas might seem like a great idea at the time but come February Orange RSPCA staff see the real cost.
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Orange shelter manager Marissa Clifford said pets were usually dumped at the shelter in February when children go back to school.

“We do see some pets come into the shelter which were unwanted Christmas presents, but more often we see them in February, when children return to school and the new pet is now not getting the daily attention it was during the holidays and begins bad habits to amuse itself, such as digging, chewing things up, barking,” she said.

Overall the number of unwanted Christmas presents coming in to the shelter is decreasing which means the message is getting through to Orange residents, she says.

“‘Even one is still too many,” she said.

Buying a pet as a surprise is not a good idea but if families put thought into their purchase then it can work out for the best.

But Ms Clifford said there were a few things people should take into account before they take the plunge into puppy parenthood.

“Many people have more time over the holidays to care for a pet especially a puppy or kitten and be able to toilet train and provide training and positive experiences,” she said.

“For others, who have pre booked holidays or are already committed it may not be a good time-hence those pre adoption conversations.”

She said there were a number of criteria families should consider before they chose a pet.

For example families should consider if they would have the time to groom a long-haired animal, how much exercise the animal needs, how much space was in the backyard and the financial commitments not just daily care but vet bills and training costs.

But all things considered “pets are great for children, they promote responsibility and empathy,” Ms Clifford said.

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Changing speeds on local roads

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SEVERAL local roads now have a new speed limit.
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Fernhill Road is one of the roads where the speed limit has been changed.

After completing a review of the existing 100km/h speed limit on local roads, changes were recommended for Fernhill Road, Fullers Lane, Loxton Road, Mackie Lane, Roscrae Lane, Bundanoon Lane, Bullamungee Close, Ditzells Drive, Dog Trap Lane, Dunmallarad Lane, Pearson Road and Vintage Close.

“The speed limit review was carried out in accordance with the NSW Speed Zoning Guidelines and in consultation with local council,” a Roads and Maritime spokesperson said.

“The review assessed a number of factors including roadside development, traffic characteristics and crash data.

“The existing 100km/h speed limit on Fernhill Road has been reduced to 80km/h from the Gwydir Highway to 925 metres west of Yetman Road.

“The existing 100km/h speed limit on Fullers Lane has been reduced to 60km/h from Fernhill Road to Yetman Road.

“The existing speed limit of 100km/h on Loxton Road, Mackie Lane, Roscrae Lane, Bundanoon Lane, Bullamungee Close, Ditzells Drive, Dog Trap Lane, Dunmallard Lane, Pearson Road and Vintage Close has been reduced to 60km/h.

“These changes reflect the level of roadside development and aims to improve safety for all road users.”

The speed limit changes were made on Friday, December 19 and are now enforceable.

There has also been speed limit changes on roads in the Runnymede Drive area.

A Roads and Maritime spokesperson said the 70km/h speed limit on Runnymede Road and surrounding access roads was reviewed earlier this year.

“The review was carried out in accordance with the NSW Speed Zoning Guidelines and in consultation with local council,” the spokesperson said.

“The review assessed a number of factors including roadside development, traffic characteristics and crash data.

“The existing speed limit of 70km/h on Runnymede Drive will be retained, as recommended by the review.

“A 50km/h speed limit now applies to Bimbadeen Drive, Angorra Close, Caloola Drive, Wolbah Close and Onus Avenue.

“This change reflects the level of roadside development and aims to improve safety for all road users.”

For more information on road safety visit the Roads and Maritime Services website at

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Alicia turns $50 into $5000

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CASCADE: Harvey Norman’s Jonathon Lindsay, Ben Bradley and Andrew Moore draw the winning entry. Photo: PHILL MURRAY 121914pharveyTHE major prize in the 2014 Festive Frenzy has been won.
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Just by shopping locally, Bathurstresident Alicia Benger has walked away with a $5000 spending spree at Harvey Norman.

The big prize was drawn at the store on Friday afternoon by furniturefranchisee Ben Bradley.

This is the third year that Harvey Norman has been the major sponsor of the Festive Frenzy and Mr Bradley said he had seen a lot of interest in the promotion.

“A lot of customers who have entered the store have known about it,” he said.

Ms Benger’s name was amongthousands of entries collected over the seven-week promotion, in which more than $4000 in vouchers were won by members of the public.

Ms Benger said as far as she can remember she only entered thecompetition once, after purchasing a couple of dresses at Jay Jays for an impromptu week away.

She said on Friday that it now looks like the best $50 she ever spent.

“I bought the clothes to take onholidays, I filled in the entry form, then forgot about it,” she said.

That was until Western Advocateadvertising manager Erin Peacock rang.

“It’s just awesome. I really can’t believe it,” Ms Benger said of the win.

Ms Benger can now use her $5000 to buy anything in her local Harvey Norman store.

“Anything she sees in store she can purchase with her prize draw, from pizza ovens to a 79-inch flat-panel television, the latest in Apple technology and the number one cooking brands, or invest in high quality Australian-made furniture and beds,” Mr Bradley said.

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On your bike: environmentalists fear cycle track will compromise conservation area

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TRAILING CONCERNS: The Orange Field Naturalist and Conservation Society’s Dr Murray Fletcher with Central West Environmental Council spokeswoman Cilla Kinross. Photo: STEVE GOSCH 1219sgbike1A WORLD-class mountain bike track in Orange may have received a great deal ofsupport, but environmentalists have disputed the proposed Mount Canobolas location due to its conservation value.
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Councillor Ash Brown moved to accelerate a master plan at an Orange City Council meeting last week, with support from Brand Orange and the Central West Off Road Bicycle Clubduring public access.

While council voted to contribute $50,000 to a master plan, councillor Neil Jones voiced his concerns about the environmental impact.

Cr Jones said the mountain’s management plan needed to change to accommodate a mountain bike trail centre.

“We could end up with a report and the minister says we’ve got other priorities and the area should remain as it is,” he said.

“We need to be sure we’ve assessed alternative sites for the facility.”

Central West Environmental Councilspokesperson Cilla Kinrossechoed his concerns. She said Canobolas State Forest would be acceptable, but the state conservation area’s high elevation meant any track would impact on sensitive vegetation and disturb wildlife.

“You would probably get a wide range of bike riders – some think about the significance of the area and others want to ride as fast as they can,” she said.

“The upper part of the mountain, with the snow gums, it wouldn’t be appropriate to have [trails] that far up.”

Environmentally Concerned Citizens of Orangepresident Nick King said the group supported mountain biking because it encouraged less carbon emissions but also urged the conservation area be avoided.

“The cycling community is very environment conscious and they do their best to adhere to the best practices – you can have all the best intentions under the sun, but you can’t put 70 kilometres of track in a conservation area and not compromise it,” he said.

He also believed upkeep of the tracks would be difficult due to tight National Parks and Wildlife Service budgets.

Brand Orangeexecutive officer Rhonda Sear said the growth of cycling tourism was “right up there” with food and wine tourism.

“We are really trying to attract the international platform and we need to create new reasons for people to come,” she said.

“I think we’ve got an enormous opportunity, but it needs to be managed carefully – we don’t want anything that’s going to be in any way detrimental to this region.”

Bicycle club vice-president Rodney Farrell said the activity was a low-impact sport on the environment because there was no need to remove trees, the trails were narrow and it increased policing.

“By having 500 or 1000 riders there, there’s less dumping and less vandalising,” he said.

Mr Farrell said Rotorua was used as the benchmark because it was geographically isolated, yet it made $NZ12 million a year.

“More than likely, you’re going to have large groups of people coming for more than one night,” he said.

On the Rotoruacomparison, Cr Jones said: “Let’s not be confused … Mount Canobolas is 1600 hectares of significant conservation value and Rotorua is in a redwood plantation.”

The council is seeking a second $50,000 to complete the master plan – if it cannot find a grant within three months, funds will come from other parts of the budget.

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Adventuring into the forest

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Adventures underway: South West MLC Barry House, Sustainable Development director Ilya Hastings, Lee-Anne and Gary Ingram, Visitor Services director Ben Tannock and AMRTA partnership manager Johanna Hamilton test out the new bikes.TWO years in the making, Eco Adventures has finally arrived in Margaret River.
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Run by Gary and Lee-Anne Ingram, Eco Adventures offers tours to locals and visitors alike in exploring Margaret River’s Boranup Forest.

Embracing new technologies, the tours are conducted on an EcoBike, the first electric four wheel drive all terrain vehicle.

The tours are completely guided following forest trails while offering an interactive understanding of mega fauna of the forest, whale migration, local shipwrecks, identification of local flora and fauna and other interesting snippets relevant to the region.

In order to enhance these presentations all the EcoBikes are equipped with an iPad mini to illustrate the subjects.

South West MLC Barry House said the couple hadcreated through persistence and initiative a very exciting tourist opportunity in Margaret River.

“Their Eco-bike Tours employ the very latest and besttechnology to create an amazing experience with virtually no environmental impact,” Mr House said.

Mr House particularly commended the tours’ ability to cater to all, in particular for elderly or disabled individuals.

The complete experience takes four hours, including transport to and from the forest.

For more information visit ecoadventuresmargaretriver南京夜网.au.

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