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Father rationed food to keep sons alive in outback

16/06/2019 Posted by admin

Ethan and Timothy Van Lonkhuyzen were missing with their father for 11 days and are recovering in hospital after being found. Photo: Supplied Steven Van Lonkhuyzen and his sons were found at Expedition National Park where they were stranded for 11 days. Photo: Queensland Police

A Brisbane bayside man stranded for 11 days in outback Queensland with his two young sons has been praised for his resourcefulness in keeping the trio alive.

Steven Van Lonkhuyzen rationed what little food he had packed for an intended four day camping trip to feed Ethan, 7, and Timothy, 5, after his Mitsubishi Pajero became bogged in remote Expedition National Park, south of Emerald, on December 11.

He also used plastic containers to make the most of heavy rainfall, which kept the trio hydrated, a critical element of surviving recent humidity according to police search co-ordinator Acting Superintendent Mick Bianchi.

He said they were down to their last slices of bread when grazier Tom Wagner found them about 3.30pm Sunday, after mounting a one-man search following widespread media reports of their disappearance.

“We were very concerned about their welfare. It was very hot and humid,” Acting Superintendent Bianchi said.

“Steven told me they had some water with them in the car but that they were lucky there was lots of rain while they were stuck out there.

“He put a plastic container out and he thinks he caught about 40 litres of water.”

It was originally intended that the trio would stay at Mr Wagner’s home on Sunday night, however the boys were admitted to Taroom Hospital as a precautionary measure due to starvation.

Acting Superintendent Bianchi said they remained in hospital on Monday.

“The boys have lost some weight and are a bit emaciated but they’ll be nursed back to health within a few days,” he said.

Their father and national park rangers are working to extract the bogged vehicle.

Acting Superintendent Bianchi also praised Mr Wagner for mounting a search for the trio, after remembering seeing the vehicle enter the national park on December 11.

“I would like to thank Mr Wagner, who managed to find them off his own bat,” Acting Supt Bianchi said.

“It’s pretty indicative of the way country people pitch in and help each other.”

Mr Wagner’s discovery of the trio came just hours after police re-issued a plea for outback travellers to keep an eye out for them.

About 1pm on Sunday police said they were contemplating an air search, after an extensive ground search had failed to find a trace of them.

Soon after news of the trio being found alive on Sunday broke, Acting Superintendent Owen Elloy said they were extremely lucky Mr anger went searching for them.

“Somebody’s looking after them,” he said.

He said the area they were discovered in, known as the Tin Hut, was one a human footprint had barely touched and was well outside mobile phone reception areas.

“The Tin Hut, if you searched it on Google you wouldn’t find it, it’s a piece of land normally visited only by cattle. It’s black soil country, very soft, even police officers who are extremely experienced are having trouble getting in there,” he said.

The heavily-forested area would have made even their discovery by air a slim chance, Acting Superintendent Ellory said.

Mr Lonkhuyzen, Ethan and Timothy left their home at Lota, on Brisbane’s bayside, on December 11, intending to arrive in Cairns by December 15, after following an inland route.

The 37-year-old was last seen filling his vehicle at a service station in Miles, 330 kilometres west of Brisbane, that day and became stranded in the national park later that day.

His wife and the boys’ mother raised the alarm when the trio failed to arrive in Cairns by the scheduled date.

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‘Positive outcome’ for popular caravan park

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MILDURA Rural City Council says the Lake Cullulleraine Caravan Park will continue to operate in the foreseeable future.

Council confirmed late yesterday that following negotiations with lessees, a “positive outcome” had now been achieved.

Council corporate general manager Mandy Whelan yesterday said council had never issued a notice to close the Lake Cullulleraine Park.

However, she said council had been in discussion with the lessees for many months about a number of issues.

She said some of those related directly to them satisfying their obligations under their lease and to their responsibility as business operators to ensure the safety of their customers and visitors.

“While we still have some issues we are working through with the current lessee, we are confident this important community asset will remain operational and will be a safe and welcoming environment for future generations to enjoy,” Ms Whelan said.

Rhonda Hards, who along with husband Graham have leased the Sturt Highway holiday park from Mildura council for 11 years, told Sunraysia Daily in October that council issued them with a notice of closure two months ago proposing to shut the park permanently on January 1.

Mrs Hards said there was still four years left on the lease.

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Linda celebrates 100th birthday

16/06/2019 Posted by admin

CENTURY: Linda Budden celebrated her 100th birthday on December 22.Linda Budden credits a daily dose of porridge to her longevity.

A resident at Cessnock’s Calvary Retirement Community, Linda (nee Maslen) celebrated her 100thbirthday on Mondaywith friends and family and was overwhelmed with the love and support she received on the day.

Born and raised at Bobs Farm, Nelson Bay, Linda met her husband Keith while visiting a cousin in Muswellbrook and they married soon after.

They had three children – Connie, Fay and Betty – and lived in Muswellbrook where they ran a fruit and vegetable farm for close to six decades.

Linda said that her “clean” lifestyle, including eating lots of fruit and vegetables and breathing in the country air, was maybe why she had enjoyed such a long life.

She also kept fit and was a champion tennis player.

“If there was a game on, I would be playing,” she said.

Up until a year ago, Linda still lived independently at a small unit in Muswellbrook.

Her daughter Betty said that she had she worked very hard with Keith making a living on the farm, but that the hard work had made her a very strong woman.

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Gym’s ‘Quickie’ campaign raises eyebrows

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Fit N Fast Charlestown has come under fire for its “Quickie” campaign.‘‘FANCY a quickie?’’

It’s the controversial advertising slogan from Charlestown gym Fit N Fast labelled ‘‘irresponsible’’ by at least one critic who says the company is subjecting employees to ‘‘sexual objectification, degradation and harassment’’.

David Leslie said he saw a female employee of the gym wearing a t-shirt with the words ‘‘Quickies 4 Sale’’ emblazoned on it outside Charlestown Square on Tuesday .

Confronted by how suggestive the slogan was, Mr Leslie said he asked the girl if the t-shirt encouraged unwelcome comments or attention. ‘‘Her sad reply was ‘‘I cop it at least three times a day’’,’’ Mr Leslie said.

The franchise’s ‘‘quickie’’ campaign centres around short workouts on varying equipment and the gym is believed to use several other similar slogans to attract new customers, including ‘‘Fancy a quickie… to lose weight?’’.

Representatives from Fit N Fast did not respond to questions from the Newcastle Herald.

Mr Leslie later posted a message on Fit N Fast’s Facebook page, calling on the company to cease using the ‘‘quickie’’ branding to protect its employees from harassment.

‘‘I understand you have a marketing campaign around this whole ‘‘quickie’’ thing but you’ve got to be kidding yourselves by making an employee wear this advertisement branded on their clothes,’’ Mr Leslie’s post read.

‘‘I think it is so irresponsible of Fit N Fast and potentially a failure of your duty of care towards your employees, in particular your female employees. ‘‘I consider it tasteless, tacky and cheap to use a suggestive buzzword to capture business. ‘‘As a concerned social observer I would ask that you cease branding this slogan on your uniforms and remove any other wording that suggests how I can ask for a ‘‘quickie’’. ‘‘This isn’t a case of ‘‘we are all adults’’, this is a case of removing physical objectification.’’

Mr Leslie’s post sparked debate about the issue of misogynistic or sexually suggestive slogans. The majority of people agreed with Mr Leslie, but there were some who thought staff would only wear the shirts if they felt comfortable or said the matter was between the company and it’s employees.

But Mr Leslie disagreed.

‘‘Even if you imagine their employees are genuinely happy to wear this slogan it certainly does not reaffirm the employee duty of care Fit N Fast have to eliminate sexual harassment within the workplace, nor is it socially responsible to promote sexual objectification and place ammunition in the hands of an individual to harass the wearing of such a slogan,’’ he said.

The post also prompted a response from Fit N Fast.

‘‘Thank you so much for taking the time to voice your concern for the welfare of our team members,’’ the reply said. ‘‘It’s great to know that there are caring people in society – especially given the recent events in Sydney.

‘‘We all need to look out for each other. So, thank you!

‘‘We absolutely apologise for any offence caused to you. It was never our intention.’’

Not content with a simple apology, Mr Leslie urged Fit N Fast to change the slogan and protect its employees.

‘‘We would never enforce a team member wear anything that they felt objectified them or potentially exposed them to harassment,’’ Fit N Fast responded.

A healthy pool means healthy summer fun

16/06/2019 Posted by admin

GRIFFITH and district residents have beenreminded to ensure their swimming pools arehealthy.

Murrumbidgee Local Health District seniorenvironmental officer, Tony Burns, said if poolsweren’t maintained properly they could become asource of infection.

”As the weather heats up so does the opportunityfor bugs and infections to grow at a rapid rate,”Mr Burns said.

”Swimming pools provide the perfect environmentfor this to happen so it’s important to be vigilantin keeping the pool sparkling clean andhealthy.Diseases such as cryptosporidiosis are highlycontagious and are easily spread simply by swallowingcontaminated pool water.

“Many bacteria can be killed simply by usingchlorine and through normal pool filtration.However, diseases such as Giardia and cryptosporidiumare not eliminated so easily.Therefore we encourage people to take care not tointroduce these bugs to the pool in the first place,”Mr Burns said.

Here are some summer pool tips to keep youhealthy:

– Clean pool and filter regularly

– Operate your pool filter between 8 and 12 hoursper day depending on pool use

– Don’t allow pets in the pool.

– Stay out of the pool if you have been feelingunwell

– If you have experienced gastroenteritis, waituntil you have been symptom free for at leastone week before returning to the pool

- Avoid swallowing pool water

– Use disposable swimming nappies forinfants

- Avoid swimmers itch by keeping pools below 26degrees and well disinfected (chlorinated)

– Keep pool gates closed and make sure aresuscitation chart is clearly displayed nearby.

– Avoid using a heated spa bath after consumingalcohol. Alcohol causes blood vessels dilate andvenous pooling can occur resulting in faintingand possible drowning.

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