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Old rock looks like a foot

16/10/2018 Posted by admin

GORDON White is now a spritely 78-year-old who has moved about ‘up north’ a fair bit during his lifetime.

When he was 15 or 16, he was fossicking for sapphires on Inverell Station at the foot of nine foot wash in Swanbrook Creek, and it was there he found a very curious item.

It appears to be a fossilised foot, but it also appears to have too many toes although it seems to have very clear impressions of toenails.

It appears to be a fossilised foot, but it also appears to have too many toes although it seems to have very clear impressions of toenails. Just to confuse the casual observer a little bit more, there looks to be a fossilised thumb on top of the ‘toes’.

To describe it as a curiosity is an understatement. Gordon recently rediscovered the item among his belongings and decided to share it with The Times.

“I’d been sniffing around a bit and looking for something when n I came across a bag with it in it. I thought I’d lost it, put it down to someone having flogged it, you know?” Gordon said.

“It’s a freaky looking stone. I remember I thought it looked like a petrified foot the day I found it.

“I was out there recently, and you know, that wash is still there; same as it was all those years ago.”

The stone has never been taken to an authority to gain further insight into its origins and so, for the moment, remains a curiosity. And Gordon agreed that what it looked like and what it actually was could very well be two entirely different things.

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Blue-green algae in Lake Inverell

16/10/2018 Posted by admin

THE recent spate of hot weather and low flows in the Macintyre River have led to an algal bloom in Lake Inverell.

The Barwon Regional Algal Co-ordinating Committee (RACC) issued a red alert level warning (high alert) for blue-green algae in Lake Inverell on Friday.

A high alert indicates waters are unsuitable for recreational use or primary contact by domestic users and may also pose a threat to livestock. Algal blooms can develop within 24 hours and can spread rapidly. Existing blooms are also subject to prevailing winds and can be moved about over wide areas in a short time

People should avoid any water that appears bright green, where obvious green scums are present, or a distinctive odour is noticeable.

Blue-green algae are usually very obvious, appearing as clumps or specs in the water and are often associated with a strong musty or earthy odour.

People are advised not to enter the water, and are further advised not to drink untreated water or bathe in untreated water drawn from the lake while a red level warning is in place.

This red level warning will remain in place until such time as the Barwon Regional Algal Co-ordinating Committee advises that it has been lifted.

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Masonic Lodge hands over $2000 to help hospital

16/10/2018 Posted by admin

AN Inverell Masonic Lodge fundraiser for Operation Operating Room (OOR) handed over a cheque for $2000 on Thursday, December 18towards the purchase of an endoscopic six-item mobile tray/trolley for the Inverell District Hospital.

DONATION: Di Baker accepted a cheque for $2000 from Masonic Lodge members Doug McLachlan, Wayne Jones, Joe Bliss and Eric Higgins.

Lodge member Wayne Jones said the hospital does need a little bit of a help at the moment.

“OOR do a lot of work to help supply equipment for the hospital, so we thought to round the year out in some of our charitable activities, we’d help support them,” Wayne said.

The proceeds came from a giant raffle run by the lodge. It had a first prize of two ton of split wood valued at $220 from Inverell Computers (won by Mrs Vandervelde). IGA donated the second prize of a $150 grocery voucher (to Jenny Lee) and third prize was 10 barley oaten hay worth $120 (Gail Walkom). A Ryobi angle grinder from Bunnings (to Kathey Tait) was fourth prize and a $50 tray of meat from Lennon’s Butchery (Tom Lavedez) was the fifth and last prize.

OOR president Di Baker said the donation was very welcome.

“It’s a good thing to see and I’d like to thank the Inverell Masonic Lodge number 48 for their hard work,” she said.

“We always have an updated wish list that we negotiate with the hospital and communicate with the hospital about, and there is a never ending need and limited supply.

“Our community is so generous and we are so thankful for what they are doing.”

Di said OOR’s latest list will be discussed at their February meeting and although a new hospital might be on that list it’s not something OOR is asking the community to finance.

“But since Adam Marshall has launched the campaign to get finance for a redeveloped hospital, there is now a letter in our community that we are asking people to sign and leave to be collected,” Di said.

“We’re looking for about $30 million to redevelop the hospital and I think we have a real chance before the next election.

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Westfund’s Christmas bonus

16/10/2018 Posted by admin

WESTFUND Health members havereceived an early Christmas present.

Loyal members will this week receive acash bonus equal to 10 days of premium,which totals more than $3 million.

Two years ago the Westfund Board ofDirectors committed to return surplusfunds to long term members.

So far over $11 million in premium discountshas been returned.

Westfund CEO Grahame Danaher saidthis is just one of the benefits of beingpart of a member-owned private healthfund.

“Westfund Health is a member ownedhealth insurer.

“Our financial commitment to ourmembers is significant, demonstrated bythis unique commitment.

“One measure of our success is beingable to return a surplus to our member’spockets,” Mr Danaher said.

The bonus amount varies betweenindividual members.

Westfund members received a letterdetailing the amount they were to receivewith their annual Christmas MemberMagazine.

The loyalty bonus is currently beingdeposited into members’ accounts.

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